All Vintage Speakers

Celestion Art Deco Speaker
With 8 inch fullrange driver. Very Rare *SOLD*
A quality coaxial driver 30 watts 8 ohms. Circa 1970s
$ 200.00
Pioneer PAX-A20
8 inch drivers . Bass/mid driven fullrange. Single capacitor [...]
Goodmans Trebax 100 Horn Tweeters
Pair of Goodmans Trebax 100 Horn Tweeters 15 ohm. Rare and v [...]
Whiteley Stentorian 10 inch Duplex Driver
Very rare, in excellent working condition . More pictures on [...]
Shahinian Diapason
A very rare chance to own a pair of the legendary speakers. [...]
Goodmans Axiom 110. 10 inch wide range drivers. Becoming ver [...]
$ 480.00
Rogers Export Monitor
A very rare opportunity to purchase a pair of these legendar [...]
William Burhoe has been designing innovative world-class spe [...]
$ 480.00
Rogers LS 2
*SOLD* Designed to suit the smaller room where space is at [...]
KEK 103.2 Reference Monitor
This pair is off to our cabinet makers for a complete re pol [...]
$ 680.00
SONY APM 20ES Loudspeakers.
How Sony's APM Technology Works *SOLD TO AUSTRALIA* What a [...]
WLM La Scala Loudspeakers
Highly regarded speakers manufactured in Austria .Pristine c [...]
$ 3,800.00
I have been using a pair of these for several years in many [...]
$ 68.00
Eminence Beta CX
15 inch coaxial drivers. As new. Price for pair drivers onl [...]
$ 225.00
his rare 2 way system was manufactured on 6/12/66. Features [...]
$ 200.00
Philips AD4200M
12 inch fullrange driver. Alnico magnet. From the Philips Cr [...]
$ 180.00
Plessey C8MX
8 inch 16 ohm drivers.In excellent condition . Perfect for y [...]
$ 80.00
Plessey C80
8 Inch Wide range Blue cone drivers. 15 ohm perfect for your [...]
$ 80.00
The ultimate desktop speakers?
A 2 way design manufactured by AWA NZ it features the superb [...]
Custom built
A pair of remarkable custom built speakers. They feature vin [...]
$ 1,800.00
Philips Wide Range Drivers
6.5 inch. Excellent tone Alnico Magnets Circa 1950/60s * [...]
Acapella 5th Avenue MK1
This is a very rare chance to own a magnificent pair of spea [...]
Martin Logan CLS II
In very good condition. A previous owner had the panels repl [...]
$ 2,480.00